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Board of Directors

Council Guidance

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Council Guidance

Our Counselors are elected in Shareholders’ Meeting and have term of up to 2 years, with reelection allowed. The President is also chosen on Shareholders´ Meetings. Board of Directors’ members meet, ordinarily, quarterly on dates established at the first annual meeting and, extraordinarily, whenever convened by the President, who must set their agenda.

According to Article 16 of the By-Law (Estatuto Social), from October 4th, 2012, it is responsibility of the Board of Directors:

  • elect and dismiss, at any time, the Company’s Directors and determine their assignments, as proposed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO);
  • assign to one of the Company’s Directors the Investor Relations function;
  • deliberate upon the proposal of the CEO on the areas of expertise of the other Directors;
  • set the general orientation of the Company’s business, previously approving its business policies, plans, projects and annual and multi-annual budgets;
  • supervise the Directors’ management, examining, at any time, the minutes, books and documents of the Company, requesting through the President, information on concluded contracts, or under execution, and any other acts;
  • convening the Shareholders’ Meeting;
  • to manifest on the Administration Report and Financial Statements and propose the allocation of net income for each year;
  • deliberate on the Issuance of Shares, Debentures convertible into Shares or not, and warrants, within the limit of the authorized capital of the Company;
  • deliberate on the terms of Issue of Promissory Notes for public distribution, pursuant to CVM Instruction 134 from 01/11/1990;
  • appoint and dismiss the Independent Auditors;
  • authorize, previously and expressly, the alienation, encumbrance or long-term lease of the Company’s non-current assets;
  • authorize, previously and expressly, all and any agreement to be entered into between the Company and any of its controlling shareholders;
  • authorize active and passive financial transactions of higher value to what is determined by resolution of the Board of Directors;
  • autorizar atos que importem em outorga de garantias de qualquer espécie em favor de terceiros ou que importem em renúncia de direito;authorize acts implying the granting of guarantees of any kind in favor of third parties or implying waiver of rights;
  • rule on matters that the Directorship submits to its resolution or to be submitted to the Shareholders’ Meeting;
  • deliberate on the incorporation of subsidiaries or the Company’s interests in other entities;
  • arrogate at any time the examination of any matter related to the Company’s business, although not included in the enumeration above, and utter a decision for mandatory performance by the Directorship.

Click here to access MRS Logística’s By-Law (Estatuto Social).


Meet Our Counselors

Viktor Nigri Moszkowicz

He joined Vale S.A. in 2003 as a trainee and went on to management positions, the most recent of which are: Executive Investor Relations and Treasury Manager for Vale’s Financial Engineeringand Back Office S.A. areas. In the period from Oct / 2009 to Jun / 2016, acted in the interaction with the investor community and in controlling transactions financial transactions.
Between Jun / 2016 and Jul / 2017 acted as a manager of Vale S.A.’s trading desk, market monitoring, in addition to managing institutional relationships with banks. Between Aug / 2017 to Apr / 2020 served as a global leader for management of market and credit risks, and transfer of operational risks via insurance.
Since Apr / 2020 holds the position of Executive Manager of participation, leading important strategies for the company, aiming to maximize value for Vale`s shareholders.
Graduated in mechanical engineering from UFRJ in 2000,

Alejandro Daniel Laiño

Degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires with an MBA at IAE Business School in Buenos Aires, and MSc. in Management of Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, USA. He served as Regional Supply Chain Director and Corporate Supply Chain Director in Ternium S/A and currently holds the position of Regional Supply Chain Director on Usinas Siderúrgicas de Minas Gerais S.A. – USIMINAS.

Marcelo Leite Barros

From January, 2014 to March, 2018, he was a member at POLITEC Ltda., representative of the RICHWOOD brand in Brazil, a company which is specialized in equipment and accessories for belt conveyors. Also, from April, 1992 to July, 2012, he held a senior leadership position at Vale SA, one of the MRS’s shareholder and a mining sector’s company, with paths through the North, Southeast and Midwest Corridor systems, he was the Railway’s Operational Director of Vitória-Minas (EFVM), Operational Director Porto Norte in São Luís and Global Director of Logistics Operations, and since April, 2019 he returned to Vale SA for the Operations Director of the South Corridor.

Degree in Economic Sciences from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), holds a MBA in Finance from IBMEC / RJ and a postgraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management from FGV / RJ, also, he has Leadership courses from MIT Sloan School of Management and from IMD Business School.

Carlos Hector Rezzonico

Degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, with 42 years of experience in the steel industry in areas of processes, supplies, sales, planning and business. Between February 2012 and March 2016, he worked at Exiros Argentina S/A as Regional Purchasing Director – Operations Center: Argentina. Responsible for supervising the provision of services at Tenaris and Ternium plants in Argentina and Brazil, acting as a supervisor and performing in Techint projects in Latin America; as well as in sale-area of by-products and Demand Planning for Tenaris deposits. From March 2016 to July 2018 he worked at Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais as Corporate Supplies Director – Operations Center: Brazil. Responsible for supervising the purchases of the companies from Usiminas Group (Steel, Unigal, Mechanics, Solutions and Mining), organizing structures, suppliers, and procedures to achieve the best international service levels. In July 2018, he assumed the position of Executive Chief Officer of Mineração Usiminas S/A.

Elder Rapachi

Concluded a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Federal University of Santa Maria in 1993, with master’s in Business Administration from the Federal University of Rio Grande Sul, concluded in 2003. He joined Gerdau SA in 1994, where he held the position of General Manager of S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and currently holds the position of General Manager for S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and Logistics. He is the leader of logistics process in Gerdau Aços Brasil S.A., with 10 years of experience in the business management process, strategic planning, production, and quality. He has 13 years of experience as a sales planning manager and since 2008 he has been a member of the operations committee of Gerdau Aços Longos and Gerdau Aços Brasil.

Enéas Garcia Diniz

Degree in Engineering at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering and in Business Management from Federal Fluminense University of Rio de Janeiro and also a business MBA from Dom Cabral Foundation of Belo Horizonte-MG. He joined Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional – CSN in 1985, having performed the following functions: General Manager of Hot Rolling, General Manager of Maintenance, Director of Metallurgy, Director of Presidente Vargas Steelworks and, finally, he held the position of Executive Director of CSN from June 21, 2005 to July 31, 2016, having been responsible for the production areas in steel and cement, energy, ports and environment. He is currently an Officer of CSN Mineração S.A., a CSN’s subsidiary. He was an advisor of Nacional Minérios SA, Arvedi Metalfer do Brasil SA, Cia. Metalic Nordeste, Companhia Metalúrgica Prada, Itá Energética SA, Sepetiba Tecon SA and Lusosider – Aços Planos SA and also director of Cia. Metalic Nordeste, Companhia Florestal do Brasil, Companhia Metalúrgica Prada, CSN Energia SA, Estanho de Rondônia SA, Itá Energética SA, Mineração Nacional SA and Stahlwerk Thüringen GmbH (all companies controlled by CSN or with CSN’s equity interest) and the CSN Foundation.

Fatima Aparecida Chaves Rodrigues Aleixo

She has started her career at RFFSA, with continuity at MRS. Degreed in Business Administration in 1990, she also holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business Management from FGV concluded in 2000 and in Planning and Social Management from UFJF concluded in 2008. She was awarded in 2011 at the Valor MRS Award. Since 1996 at MRS Logística S.A., her career has always been guided by the Human Resources Directorate, including going through labor positions such as Social Relations Analyst, Social Responsibility Analyst and now, she is the current Social Responsibility Coordinator.

Claudio de Oliveira Alves

He joined Vale SA, one of the controlling shareholders of MRS and a company in the mining sector, in 1992 as a trainee and held several executive positions, the most recent being: Global Director of Marketing and Ferrous Sales at Vale SA in the period from 2011 to 2017, developing and implementing a competitive strategy in iron ore business, in addition to being the Institutional representative of Vale International in Singapore. Between 2017 and early 2019 he was Director of Pelletizing and Manganese at Vale S. A. being responsible for redesigning the business strategy to conquer more value, achieving not only a record production but also a new product portfolio. Between January and February 2019, he was a leader of the Immediate Response Committee of Brumadinho, being responsible for the recovery and repair initiatives after the rupture disaster of the Feijão stream dam. Between March 2019 and June 2019, he was temporarily appointed as Executive Director of Ferrous and Coal at Vale S.A., responsible for the entire world production and export business of iron ore. He has been holding a position of Strategy Director at Vale S.A. since July 2019, leading the company’s strategic analysis and decisions, aiming to optimize the business portfolio and maximize the generation of value for Vale for its shareholders.

Graduated in Production Engineering from UFRJ in 1991, with a postgraduate degree in Management from Dom Cabral Foundation. He has several specialization courses in Marketing and Leadership, from institutions such as Darden School of Business, INSEAD, MIT and IMD.

Luis Fernando Barbosa Martinez

Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at Mauá Institute of Technology (IMT), Post-Graduate in Industrial Administration at Production Engineering School of Universidade de São Paulo and graduated in Corporate Management Development Program at Alcan Aluminum Limited in Montreal, Canada. He was Commercial Director of Alcan Aluminium do Brazil S/A. He has held CEO positions at Brazilian Center for Steel Construction (CBCA) and Brazilian Association of Steel Construction (ABCEM). He joined Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) in 2002 having held the Commercial Directorship. Currently holds the position of Executive Director, responsible for the Steel Commercial Area since 2011. He is President of the Association of Steel Packaging (ABEAÇO), Director of Cia Metalic Nordeste, Congonhas Minerals S/A, Floresta Nacional S/A, Companhia Florestal do Brasil, CSN Engergia S/A and CSN Cimentos S/A. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração and member of the Board of Directors at Congonhas Minérios, Florestal Nacional and Companhia Florestal do Brasil.

Sônia Zagury

Degree in Economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and master’s in economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. New Business Director at Vale from March 2018. Previously, she held a position as Global Director of Treasury and Finance at Vale since 2009. She was also General Manager of Finance (2005-2009) and business consultant at Vale Fertilizer and CSA. Currently, she participates from the Board of Directors of VLI S / A. and MRS Logística S.A.