Organizational Structure

Processes for ensuring transparency

MRS Logística is a public service concessionaire and a company incorporated as a corporation. These two factors impose on our management model a series of responsibilities regarding the identification and treatment of risks, reliability of indicators, control of information sent to the market and the correct addressing of ethical topics, among other issues related to governance.

The national railway sector is regulated by the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), which establishes a series of goals regarding productivity and safety, which are regularly reported by the concessionaires and compiled by the Agency. The Concession and Lease Agreement is the document that defines MRS’ rights and duties as a public service concessionaire, and is available for consultation at the link at the bottom of this page.


MRS was incorporated as Corporation in 1996 to operate the so-called Malha Sudeste of the extinct Rede Ferroviária Federal SA (RFFSA). MBR (32.9%), CSN (18.6%), Congonhas Minérios (18.6%), UPL (11.1%), Vale (10.9%), Gerdau (1.3%) and one wide group of small investors (6.5%) are the company’s shareholders. These companies, through a Shareholders’ Agreement, constitute, through representatives, the Board of Directors, the highest governance body of MRS, responsible, among other duties, for the company’s overall strategic direction, for the decision on most significant investments and for the health and longevity of the organization.

The Board of Directors also appoints the President and the Executive Officers of the Company. At its highest executive level, MRS today has six Boards: Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Commercial, Finance and Development, Human Resources and Institutional Relations.


MRS is recognized in the market for extending its commitments to ethics and business transparency to employees and partners. All MRS employees are signatories to the company’s Code of Ethics and are responsible for the quality, accuracy and limits of the information provided, as well as being committed to a very strict standard of conduct. The MRS Code of Conduct is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Internal Audit

Directly linked to the Board of Directors, and with the role of promoting both investigative and consultative and preventive audits, MRS Internal Audit was the first of its kind in South American railways to receive the IIA Global quality certification, the main segment entity, which assesses the consistency and quality of the risk monitoring, governance and ethics processes in the business environment.

For communication regarding possible ethical deviations or complaints, the company maintains the channel Direct Line with Audit, which you can access on our contact page.


Click Here to acess MRS’ Code of conduct.